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UC Health - Mind-Body Therapies


Worry, anxiety, and stress can be more than distractions. Constantly replaying in your mind daily problems and fears can affect your mental and physical health. Sign-up for a mind-body therapy class to learn the positive power of mindfulness, linked in significantly decreasing daily and ongoing stress.

Mindful Mondays
Mindfulness Meditation For Optimal Health (For Cancer)

UC Health - Movement-Based Therapies

In these nonaerobic, movement-based therapies, participants learn controlled breathing which helps reduce stress and anxiety often linked to disease and illness.

Due to COVID-19 and the safety of our patients, all Movement Based Classes will be virtual. Patients who wish to participate in these classes are required to have a UC Health MyChart Account and need access to Microsoft Teams. Click Here for instructions on accessing a virtual group visit. Our friendly staff is standing by to assist patients with set up and navigating the technology.

Tai Chi for Parkinson’s Disease and Other Neurological Disorders
Tai Chi
Yoga for MS and Other Neurological Disorders
Yoga for Cancer

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