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At Whole Home Innovation Center, we are committed to helping people live safer, healthier lives at home. Stepping On does just that—in a positive, fun format.

Stepping On is a falls prevention workshop that meets two hours a week for seven weeks. Trained leaders coach you to recognize your risk of falling and help you build the balance, strength and practical skills you need to avoid a fall. Gain the confidence to stay active in your community and do the things you want to do.

Who this is designed for:

  • People 60 or older who live independently

  • People who have fallen, are concerned about falling, or worry about someone in the home


Who this is NOT meant for:

  • People who use a wheelchair full time

  • People living with dementia or cognitive impairment


What to expect:

  • 2 hours a week of interaction with facilitators and guest experts (and a snack break!)

  • Exercise instructions and practice

  • Physical items on display

  • Easy weekly homework

  • A free home assessment offered by our Whole Home Experts


Stepping On is a falls prevention workshop which, according to research, is proven to reduce falls by 30%.


Topics include:

  • Balance and strength exercises and how to advance exercises

  • Home hazards and solutions

  • Vision and falls

  • Community safety, getting out and about

  • Shoe and clothing hazards

  • Medication management, bone health, and better sleep

  • Follow-up home visit (free home assessment)


Guest experts include:

  • Physical therapist, vision expert, pharmacist, housing professional

  • Community safety expert (ofter a firefighter/EMT)

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Call our Stepping On hotline at 513-482-5105 or email

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