Educational Handouts for Fall Prevention

The Whole Home Fall Prevention Task Force provides numerous educational handouts and materials for local organizations that are addressing falls in the community. With your help, we can provide useful resources to the community and help older adults stay active and independent.

  • Fall Prevention Tips

  • Local Strengthening and Exercise Programs

  • Fall Prevention Home Assessment Chart

  • Fall Prevention Task Force Fact Sheet

  • How to Get up from a Fall

  • Personal Risk Factors Checklist

  • Hazard Recognition Picture

  • Quiz About Falls

  • Exercise your Independence (4×9)

  • Medication Brochure (16×9)

  • Matter of Balance Coaches Information

  • Older Adult Fall Prevention presentation

Policy Toolkits for Long Term Care Facility

In 2013, the Fall Prevention Task Force released its first local policy toolkit for Long Term Care Facilities in Hamilton County. This toolkit helps Long Term Care Facilities establish best practices for fall prevention to meet the objective of lowering fall injury rates among older adults living in care facilities.

  • Long Term Care Facilities One Pager

  • Fall Prevention Plan

  • Fall Prevention Assessment Tool

  • Powerpoint Presentation

  • Journal Article

  • Long Term Care Facility Fall Prevention Resolution

  • Evidence Based Assessment Tools

  • Fall Event Review Tool

  • Educational Handouts for Fall Prevention